Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Lawyers
Pennsylvania's Workers' Compensation Lawyers
Roger McMenamin & Thomas Wing have been representing clients in workers’ compensation cases in the great state of Pennsylvania since 1995.

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    My work related injury left me in a really rough spot. Once I called Tom Wing, he began to unravel the mess and set things straight for me. I wish I called him earlier than I did. Awesome experience!

    Jay Meyer
    Google Reviews 11/22

    Hiring McMenamin & Wing was one of the best decision we made in 2020! Just when we thought all was lost, Tom Wing stepped in and saved the day. Not only was he able to guide us through an unfair contractual situation, he also offered wide knowledge, timely and thoughtful responses and a calm and professional demeanor. For that we are eternally grateful!

    Will Sanders
    Google Reviews 03/22

    “Tom was awesome to work with. He was honest and prompt to return any calls or texts. Tom went over and beyond to help me with the process. I am extremely thankful for all of his hard work. I highly recommend Tom…”

    Michael Liston
    Google Reviews 03/22

    Workers Compensation Per Industry

    Factory Employees

    Factory labor has been and continues to be an essential part of Pennsylvania’s economy and can be very dangerous. Workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania will generally cover payments for lost wages and medical bills, but some workers find they need legal help to secure these benefits.

    Warehouse Employees

    If you work in a warehouse or in the transportation business and are injured while working, you may qualify for Workers’ Compensation benefits. There are unique situations all warehouse and transportation workers should be aware of when seeking Workers’ Comp. Contact us today to learn more

    For Office Employees

    Office employees are generally not the first industry people think of for workers’ comp, but many injuries are covered under PA law. Although many injuries are repetitive and hard to prove, our experienced team can help you understand if you are covered under the current statutes.

    State & City Employees

    If you are a public employee who has been hurt on the job, you are not only facing the challenge of healing from your injuries but also traversing the workers’ comp law. Call the legal experts today to learn your rights.

    Commercial Truck Drivers

    While the burden often falls on the company owner to provide workers’ compensation insurance for drivers, how drivers respond is pivotal. Contact us today to learn your rights and responsibilities to ensure the largest reward possible.

    Union Employees

    Union workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. A union worker who is injured on the job may also be entitled to benefits provided by the union welfare fund. Find out your rights’ today.


    Electrical work is dangerous, but you should know for workers’ comp, the fault doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you could have prevented your injury. It doesn’t matter that you’ve decided on a career that has certain risks involved. Speak with an attorney today to review your situation.


    Working on a roof can be challenging and as most workspaces start 10+ft in the air, roofers put themselves in danger, every day. Inherent risks aside, ever roofer should by law, have access to workers comp insurance. Contact our office today to get started.Every roofing contractor must carry insurance by law.


    Firemen put themselves in danger at work, which can result in injuries and illnesses caused by fighting fires. Fortunately, most firemen can be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, which pays for all medical expenses related to a workplace injury or illness, as well as a component of wages that were lost while recovering.