Injured On The Job?

Have You Been Injured On The Job?  KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

At Mcmenamin & Wing, we strive to help our clients after they have been injured on the job to get their lives back to normal as quick as possible.  This process can be as short as a few weeks to a few years, but in the end, if the steps below are followed, a client’s chance of getting an impactful settlement is increased substantially.

Seek Medical Treatment


It may sound like common sense, but we see many clients walk through our doors who have not taken this crucial first step.   Not only will you ensure you will have the fastest recovery time possible by treating the injury immediately, but it will also help you get started on step 2.

Report The Injury

An employee generally has 90 days to report their injuries.  It is vital you ensure your supervisor/manager has filed a proper report and provide you with a copy.   We have the ability to hope for the best and when it comes to an injury on the job, everyone should insure the correct staff are made aware of the incident.

Get a Copy Of The Accident Report & Keep It Safe

Email can be an amazing tool to ensure a document is never lost.

IF You Have Access To A Union At Your Employment, JOIN

If you have the ability to join and union and have not already, JOIN.   There is no better time to have representation at work then during an accident.   Even after the accident at work, they can ensure you are treated fairly on a daily basis.

Keep All Correspondence Regarding The Incident

If you are emailing, writing a letter, etc be sure to save a copy of all correspondence about your accident.  If you have a work email, be sure to forward all email correspondence of this matter to your personal email daily.   You never want to think about what would happen if you didn’t and for some reason, your employer decides to deny access to your account which is company property.  (Tip: BCCing yourself on any of these correspondences is a great way to ensure your ‘backup files’ are updated in real-time.)

Treatment and Rehabilitation From An In-Network HealthCare Provider

Be sure to check with your health insurance, company and attorney to ensure the long term medical treatment needed is being fulfilled by a healthcare provider who is deemed by the employer and the courts, to be certified to handle treatment related to a workers’ comp case.

Review The Incident With Your Doctor

When it comes to being injured on the job, it is vital you walk through the scenario with your doctor to connect the injuries sustained to the situation.  This will also allow a clearer picture to form to check for negligence on the employer’s part.

Follow All Directions From Your Recovery Plan

Not only for the courts to see you are doing everything required to get your life back to some assemblance of normal, but for your recovery, follow your recovery plan.

If Recovery Plan Limits Activities Be Sure To Have Documentation

If you are told to recover you are not able to perform your normal job functions, be sure to get documentation (from the Doctor) to be able to show your employer.

Have Your Doctor Send All Bills To Your Employer

Payments should be made by the employer.   Setting up this payment channel, in the beginning, will save you time and money in the months following getting injured on the job.

Seek Effective Medical Treatment

If you are injured on the job, get the medical treatment needed to start healing.  If you are denied by your insurance, contact our office as there are avenues to ensure you are provided treatment while waiting for your claim to be heard in court.