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If you lost an eye or an ear in a workplace accident or suffered permanent damage to your vision or hearing in the course of employment, you are entitled to specific benefits under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

If you believe or know there to be asbestos in your work environment, you absolutely should make it known as soon as possible. Waiting until the degree of exposure to asbestos is too serious to ignore is waiting for far too long.

Lifting and manual handling are by far the largest cause of workplace injuries in Australia each year. Around 17% of serious workplace incidents involve lifting, as the mechanism of injury.

In the construction workplace, you will run into a wide assortment of different types of machinery. The problem is, many of these types of machinery are not as safe as they seem, especially when proper precautions are avoided.

The issue with filing for workers’ compensation for a heart attack is that you must establish that the heart attack itself was work-related. Proving that your heart attack is, in fact, work-related can be difficult – if not impossible.

Nerves that are located in the brain, spinal cord, and throughout the body can become damaged due to trauma, disease or exposure to chemicals or drugs. Damage may occur in a variety of ways and result in a broad range of symptoms.

Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) like carpal tunnel are becoming increasingly common as more workers are chained to desks performing their job over a keyboard and mouse – although many types of repetitive jobs lead to the same injury. Most workers are barred from pursuing a lawsuit for workplace injuries by workers’ compensation laws.

Work-related accidents occur frequently, especially in certain industries that tend to be more dangerous, such as construction or factory jobs. While some accidents that happen at work need little more than a few stitches, others result in the serious injury or wrongful death of the employee.

Back and neck injuries are among the most common workplace injuries which make workers eligible for Pennsylvania workers’ comp benefits. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, back injuries at work are second only to hand injuries as the most common workplace injury.